Friday, November 11, 2011

PEI Photo Shoot - Simply Awesome!!!

Have you ever read the book "Anne of Green Gables" by Lucy Maud Montgomery?

It is a romantic novel about a young orphan girl who came to Prince Edward Island to live with an Island family and work as a farm hand. (she was supposed to be a boy)

Anyway this young girl with flaming red hair and seven freckles had the most vivid imagination that led to all sorts of romantic adventures.

The book although written a hundred years ago remains a number one best seller to this day. Romantics the world over have followed their own dreams and found their way to Prince Edward Island to explore for themselves the land of Anne (with an e)

Now it's time to meet a real life Anne who also came to Prince Edward Island . Laura Jane is a true romantic with her very own adventure that also involves Prince Edward Island.

Let's first visit PEI Photo Shoot something organized by a half dozen Island business women some of whom are known as the Island Tweethearts. (need I say more)

To really get the back story on Laura Jane and Cam I need to take you on your very own  "Whimfield" adventure.

I really wouldn't feel complete in doing this post on our famous "Anne" character without  including a visit to "Cavendish Figurines" This business was started by two friends that I med during my "Community School" days. It has grown into a very successful business with (of course) International sales.

I hope that you have enjoyed this tiny taste of  my "Hidden Island Paradise"

If you liked it please leave a comment and feel free to share it with your friends.

Oh yes and please if you liked the photo shoot let them know with a comment. Thanks!!!


Friday, August 12, 2011

Heating Oil Tank And Fuel Oil Tank Nightmare

Heating Oil Tank 

Do you know what the worst nightmare could be for someone living here on my Hidden Island Paradise?

A Heating Oil Tank or a Fuel Oil Tank leak!


Because it  ruins the fragile Island environment of my Hidden Island Paradise. It can create huge property damage and cleanup bills. It is not uncommon for a typical heating oil tank or fuel oil tank spill  to be in to the six figure range.

What is the answer? RUPTUREseal  This is a product invented right here on my Hidden Island Paradise to temporarily STOP the leak until there is a permanent solution and the heating oil tank or the fuel oil tank can be repaired or replaced.

Oil and fuel leaks can and do happen anywhere so check out  RUPTUREseal  to see how this product can save the day, the environment, your property and your bank account.

A simple solution to a nightmare of a problem.

I will post again soon.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Just Another Day In Paradise

Why do people LOVE my Hidden Island Paradise? Let's let Dr. Dave Stewart tell us.

COME! Enjoy the unique flavor of my Hidden Island Paradise. Once you find this GEM you will never want to leave it.

Thanks for visiting... I will post again soon.


Saturday, July 23, 2011

How To Cook A Lobster (PEI Style)

When you come visit my Hidden Island Paradise you won't want to miss the taste of our lobster.

I suppose that lobster could be cooked in various ways but you don't have to look beyond learning the art from someone who lives right here.

 The video above walks you through of proper PEI way to cook live lobsters. I can attest to the quality of this method.. I have eaten my share of lobster cooked this way and they were mmmmmm good!

It's your choice of  how you buy your lobster, live or cooked (cooked is usually 50 cents to a dollar, more per pound)

If iyu buy em live and follow the instructions in the video, you WILL experience the unforgettable taste of lobster from my Hidden Island Paradise.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

TOP SECRET TIP...PEI Tourism Fell Off A Cliff!

I am showing you an actual real time Google graph for the keyword "PEI Tourism".

Notice anything interesting? I do, The sharp decline in hits on the far Right. As you can see interest peaked last summer when Regis and Kelly were here, dropped away after the off season and began to build again coming into the summer of this year. Right up till the Royal visit and then "Off The Cliff!"

Every cloud has a silver lining. The silver lining in this cloud is a hidden treasure for you. If you have been thinking of coming to visit my Hidden Island Paradise then, NOW IS THE TIME!

With tourism falling like a stone there will be bargains to be had everywhere. I don't have any doubt that you could play let's make a deal and name your own price. Next year will be another year and things will have most likely rebounded by then.

This is a one time opportunity. Unless a tourism miracle happens like, right now! Anyone coming to visit will practically have their own private island. White sand beaches, rolling surf, fresh seafood like lobster (season opens again on August 10th) and Island produce like new Island potatoes, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and all the fresh homemade jams and jellies you can eat. All of the August festivals and fairs including Old Home Week with it's world class horse harness racing Even September can be a beautiful month here on my Hidden Island Paradise with yet another celebration of food with "Fall Flavors".

So, if you were thinking, maybe. I think this silver lining is looking you right in the face. Don't delay, book your vaca  today. Come visit me on my Hidden Island Paradise. I know you won't be disappointed 

Click Here and do it NOW!  

Shhhh... DON'T tell anyone that you found this post. ONLY share it with your very best friends. Remember to say "Hey" when you come by. Thanks! 

p.s.I enjoyed a beautiful supper this evening at The Station Cafe on the Montague waterfront. A beautiful evening to enjoy a delicious meal out of doors. Thanks Louise! Earlier I spoke with my friend Teri at the Firerose Gallery next door to  "Setting The Trend" in the "Down East Mall". She is just waiting for you to come by for a visit. Oh, and don't forget my friend Cindy at Grandma's Trailside Tea Room. It is also always a favorite stop. You never know I might see you at any of these locations, so don't be shy, say Hi!

I will post again soon.


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kate And The Oyster

The Duchess of Cambridge enjoying a Raspberry Point Oyster from Prince Edward Island!!

No wonder William is smiling. You know what they say about Oysters.

Learn more at the PEI Flavors Facebook Fan page

I know if my Hidden Island Paradise is the choice of Royals than it should really be your choice a well.

Don't forget to say hi if you drop by. (we can do tea)

Monday, July 04, 2011

A Tender Moment on My Hidden Island Paradise

A tender moment - P.E.I.

THIS AND MORE great photos of the Royals on Prince Edward Island  AKA my "Hidden Island Paradise". Just click on the link below.

Friday, July 01, 2011

Grandma's Tea Room Update...

Welcome to Grandma's Tea Room

Well it's the 1st day of July 2011 and The Royals (William and Kate) have arrived in Canada. They landed in Ottawa yesterday afternoon and are by now enjoying the  Canada Day celebrations around Canada's capital city and around Parliament Hill or "The Hill" as it is commonly referred to by many.

Excitement is mounting on Prince Edward Island as it will be the next stop on the Royal Tour.

Grandma's Tea Room is ready after much heartfelt preparation Cindy and Guy are ready to receive guests.

I posted a few days ago "The Royals Are Coming...Let's Do Tea". Do call Cindy to book your reservation for Royal Tea - Hat's and Hospitalitea at Grandma's Tea Room.

Cindy emailed me some pictures of the newly decorated tea room for the Royal Tour and I have uploaded them for you to see too.

So, don't forget, having tea at Grandma's Tea Room is special any time but this, this is really something special. Don't miss this opportunity. Call Cindy at (902) 367-7851

p.s. I had the opportunity to sample the tea and scones in the tea room along with the wonderful hospitality of Cindy, Guy and Sydney (granddaughter) on Wednesday. I have to tell you that you will not be disappointed. The tea and scones are the best ever!  As was the conversation and overall Hospitalitea....

Enjoy the Garden

Enjoy the Experience

Tea for One?

Selection of Hats and Other Precious Things

Interesting Things

Cozy Tea for Two
Conversation and Tea

A Beautiful Place for Tea

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Charlottetown Tour 1988

Charlottetown today

Welcome to all of my HIP readers.

Today a friend posted a video to my Facebook Profile Page. The video is quite long but if you have a little spare time it is well worth watching. It was shot in the City of Charlottetown I think in the summer of 1988. (almost 25 years ago)

The Charlottetown you are seeing in this video would have been very familiar to me as at that time. I was part of the management team of Central Credit Union  in O'Leary and spent a considerable amount of time in the City for Provincial meetings, staff training sessions and other Provincial Credit Union functions.

I hope you enjoy this little peek into what my hidden island paradise was like a little more than twenty years ago.

If you wanted to take the time you could go on Google Street View to compare what those same areas look like today. (well at least within the past say two or three years)

Charlottetown is of course considered the birthplace of Canada so this is a rare opportunity to get a tour narrated by a local Charlottetownian and a step back in time as well.


I will post again soon.


Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Royals Are Coming - Let's Do Tea...

Grandmas Tea Room - Cindy

While the newest Royal couple are visiting Canada and in particular P.E.I. during the first week of July 2011 the Dept of Tourism is promoting some special Royal events.

One of these special events will be :

Royal Tea - Hats'n Hospitalitea!

Tea is becoming quite popular here on my Hidden Island Paradise. (I am not sure if I can take any credit for that)

My friend Cindy Cousineau is hosting this particular event  between July 1st and July 9 th inclusive.

You can check out the details . Just  Click Here to find out more or you could  Click Here to visit Cindy's web page.

If you wanted to find out what other packages are available during the Royal Tour you can  Click Here to visit the Dept. of Tourism's web page.

If you are planning on being on my hidden island paradise around the same time as William and Kate then make it a point  to give Cindy a call and make a reservation to enjoy .
Royal Tea - Hats'n Hospitalitea!

You never know who might be there. William? Kate? or maybe even yours truly. You just never know. (if you do happen to see me in your travels, please say hello as I love meeting new people) So do plan on getting in touch with Cindy to make your reservation. Enjoy!

Here is a little sneak peek...

ROYAL TEA Hats'n Hospitalitea                                                                        

Cost:  $20.95 per person


Phone #:       (902) 367-7851                 

Where: Grandma's Afternoon Tea Room
Name: Cindy & Guy Cousineau

Address: 545 Malpeque Rd (Route 2) Winsloe, Charlottetown

Step from your Royal Coach into our graceful gardens following the tea pots to the great room where you will indulge in a British Flair Royal Tea.

Royal  Afternoon Tea-

  • Pot of tea, crustless sandwiches, scone, strawberry jam cream, sweets.
  • Photo of your afternoon tea
  • Dance card (something old)
  • Victorian Hats (somethings blue)
  • Beaded Handbags and Beads (something borrowed)
  • Reservation required (Something you need to do)
I will post again soon.


Friday, April 29, 2011

William and Catherine

William and Catherine 
 The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

EXTRA!!! Click Here to get all the latest information on the  2011 Royal Tour.

Welcome to all of our HIP readers,

Wow, the royal wedding is in the history books and now we look forward to the arrival of The Royal Couple "The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge" to my "Hidden Island Paradise"

When it comes to royal choices, why not choose my "Hidden Island Paradise". Well one cool local business thinks it's worth it's weight in ice cream. "Cow's Ice Cream" ( makers of those just have to have PEI Cow's Tees)  has released their newest addition to the line. As of today April 29, 2011 the Royal Tee is now available.

Have a look: "The Royal Tee" 

Prince Edward Island will host Prince William  and Princess Catherine for a short Royal Visit this summer.

It might have been that guy Regis and his girl buddy last year but thats old hat. This year, we will host royalty. Not just any old royalty but the creme du la creme royalty complete with a "Royal Tee" 

Be sure to reserve your seats now to get the best view of this long to be remembered royal event.

Since we are sure that you were up early this morning (April 29th) and all of the details of the Royal Wedding are fresh in your mind. Here is a couple of interesting suplimental videos for you to enjoy. 

First, you may enjoy this interesting video about another Canadian connection and a souvenir that you might like to add to your "Royal Collection".

We of course thought you might also like to watch the couples first official interview

To have "The Royal Visit" will be THE event of 2011 for our "Hidden Island Paradise".

We do hope that you  find a great spot and enjoy the visit to it's fullest...

We will post again soon,

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Have You Had Your Supper?

P.E.I Fish Chowder

Welcome to all of my IBCA  readers,

What does IBCA mean?

It means Islanders By Choice Alliance. ICBA is a group of people of which individuals could be from anywhere in the world including right here on my Hidden Island Paradise.

It means that in your heart you have connected with my island and you choose to spend time here, live here or long to spend time or live here at some point in your life.

Why does the ICBA exist?

Well, there is this stigma that has always (at least as long as I can remember) existed here about people that were not born on Prince Edward Island and they are commonly referred to as CFA's or "Come From Away's"  This circumstance unfortunately can present a negative side to what is otherwise one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Click here to listen to a CBC Radio podcast segment of Maritime Magazine and learn more about this interesting. part of my Hidden Island Paradise and what the IBCA is trying to do about it

Oh, by the way, have you had supper yet? We are only having some fish chowder with homemade bread and molasses but you are welcome to set in and have some. Just give us a minute to set an extra place. Would you like some fresh cow's milk for your tea?

I will post again soon.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Culture PEI LAUNCHES NEW website and Facebook Fanpage!

Hi to all of my Culture PEI lovin readers,

No fancy picture or a big intro, just the announcement from Henk. Enjoy!

"Our new website has been launched, and it can be found at  If you’ve already received an email concerning our new website, my apologies for the overlap. 

We can also be found on Facebook – just search us as Culture PEI and “like” us; we’re also on twitter @ CulturePEI.

Best, Henk

Henk van Leeuwen
Executive Director, Culture PEI
Facebook & twitter @ Culture PEI"

I will post again soon

Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Virtual PEI "Street Art" Treasure Hunt..Oh My!

Confederation Centre Of The Arts

Hi to all of my HIP "Street Art" loving readers,

Today I want to introduce you to an interesting part of my "Hidden Island Paradise"

As we concluded in one of my previous posts , PEI is a virtual haven for artists and if you look you can find art work in all kinds of places. From architectural design to pieces incorporated into our buildings themselves. An excellent example is the Garden Of The Gulf Museum in Montague.

I have linked into my post a Google Street View of a very popular and photographed street art piece located on Lower Queen St in Charlottetown. The Sir John A MacDonald Bench

Now there are many more all over the Island from mice to giant potatoes and everything in between. Can you find them . You can use the Internet including Street View to locate as many pieces of street art as you can.

Then post a link in the comments to a Street View or a website and tell us something interesting about each one that you find. Just like what I have done in my post.

You can also post links to either your own pictures and videos and/or ones that are available under Creative Commons Licence.

I have given you two examples. 1. "The Garden Of The Gulf Museum" and 2. "Sir John A MacDonald on the bench"

I wish you a fun time exploring my "Hidden Island Paradise" for treasures of street art and look forward to the gems that you find and share with us all. Thanks! : )

Something interesting about the Garden Of The Gulf Museum:


The following Romanesque Revival influenced character-defining elements illustrate the heritage value of the Garden of the Gulf Museum:

- the stone foundation quarried locally from the Montague River bank
- the solid brick construction of two-and-one-half storeys
- the steeply pitched gable slate roof with corbelled brick cornice under the eaves
- the fenestration of the windows and doors
- the deeply recessed round arch windows of the first floor and the tall rectangular windows of the second floor
- the dominant round arches of the first floor
- the cut stone window caps and sills
- the triangular dormers with decorative wood detailing
- the style and position of the remaining chimney
- the location of the flag staff attached to the large dormer on the south side
- the Rococo style carvings over the main door featuring Queen Victoria (west) and PEI's oak trees emblem (south)
- the dominant location of the building on an elevation of land overlooking the harbour"

Something interesting about the bench:

"The Confederation Centre of the Arts serves as the axis of the arts scene in Charlottetown. Enjoy the art gallery shopping and dining in addition to the evening performances at the venue. Be sure to also seek out the city’s smaller galleries. A walk along Richmond Street will yield many artistic finds. Charlottetown also features some excellent outdoor art and sculptures including a sculpture of Canada's first prime minister Sir John A. MacDonald reclining on a bench."

You don't have to come to my hidden island paradise to start exploring. Just hop on the Internet and go exploring. 


p.s. For those who like gardening as a form of art. (which it is) here is a 33 minute wonderful video on the subject from CBC's Doc Zone:        
Gardening Confidential

I will post again soon.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

EXTRA! And The Report On Culture Says...

 Hidden Island Paradise

Hi to all of my Island Culture HIP readers,

This morning I along with Tom Rath attended on behalf of the Southern Kings Arts Council an information presentation by Culture PEI. There appears to be a fresh face coming to the culture sector of my "Hidden Island Paradise". One that is recognizing just how important the potential of the culture sector is to the economic well being of our Island.

Apparently they are getting ready to launch a new website to replace the PEICulture website as well as a "Facebook" Fan page. They already have an account on "Twitter". and maybe? they will be on"You tube" and "Linkedin". There are project partnerships being developed or strengthened with a new focus on "Culture Tourism" as a major economic generator.

So what is the driving  force behind this fresh focus. It appears to be a recent report done by Hill Strategies Research Inc. and released November 17, 2010.

Please feel free to read the report and if you wish, leave a comment on what you think about providing more support for artisans, entertainers, story tellers and (yes) even online blogers. Is this a good thing?

It is simply amazing to see the numbers that are presented in the Hill reports not only for our island but for the entire country. Of course, when you consider the demographic of the Boomers it should really not be a  big surprise.As we roll into our sixties our working days are turning into days of exploration.

I encourage all of my culture related readers to check out the new home for "CulturePEI" (when it is launched) Get ready to ride this wave of  "Culture Tourism" into the future of our Hidden Island Paradise.

Thanks for reading and I hope you will share your thoughts (pro or con) about the new focus by leaving a comment. Thanks!

I will post again soon.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Virtual Paint Out Prince Edward Island

Clark - Upper Hillsborough Street
                 Carolee Clark - Upper Hillsborough Street

Hi and welcome to all of my HIP readers

Today I want to take you to something that is rather unique. A gentleman in the United States has been doing this  interesting project. Artists from anywhere in the world travel the globe by way of Google's Street View and submit paintings and drawings of subject matter that they find on their virtual journey.

Well apparently August of 2010  the project site featured Prince Edward Island as the featured location for works to be submitted. The result being that many artists from all over the world  virtually visited my hidden island paradise and completed works of art based simply on a particular Street View image.

Click here to visit his blog and view a number of these paintings and drawings.


Click here to view the CBC Connects page mentioned in the video.

I hope that you enjoy  viewing these beautiful paintings and drawings and you too can come visit my hidden island paradise by way of Google's Street View and maybe even create your own PEI painting.

I will post again soon

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Revenge of the Lobster Lover Gets A Facebook Boost...

Revenge of the Lobster Lover by Hilary MacLeod and published by Acorn Press

Welcome to our HIP readers,

The other day I got a message that votes were needed to help the book published by Charlottetown publishing house "Acorn Press" titled "Revenge of the Lobster Lover" snag the "CBC Bookies" award in the mystery category. I then did a little research on the book and the author. I found the website for the book and read the excerpts  that were available there.

I found the author on Facebook and sent a friend request. I was very quickly accepted as a friend and her posts began appearing on my Facebook feed.

I found the CBC bookies site and placed a vote for the book. (because I was actually impressed by the writing and look forward to reading the entire book. Of course it was a big plus that the book had been published by an Island publishing house.

It was not just me but many others that followed a similar path that enabled the book to win the category.

The power of web 2.0 social media was at work to promote this book and that is as Martha would say "a good thing". I hope that you will join me in tracking down a copy and devouring it in the same manner that it's succulent namesake would be at an Island lobster supper.

Here is a clip from a local university t.v. station.  (where the author teaches)  Enjoy!

QNet News TV Feb. 16, 2011 from QNet News on Vimeo.

We will post again soon,

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Food Country With Chef Michael Smith...

Welcome to our HIP readers,

Everybody loves food, right? Of course we do? Well get your taste buds ready and come along to my Hidden Island Paradise where we have a cornucopia of foods for your palate to explore. Don't forget the aromas and the sight of all these foods being prepared.

I have to stop talking about Island foods as my mouth is watering beyond what any normal human should have to endure.

I am just going to introduce you to our most well known chef Michael Smith and let Michael show you what my Hidden Island Paradise has to offer.

Here's Michael in the first of a series of videos titled: "Food County With Chef Michael Smith"

I hope you enjoyed some of our local characters that make up the fabric of my "Hidden Island Paradise".

Now lets peek into the kitchen to see what is on the menu today.


I hope that you enjoyed the first 2 videos in the series. Be sure to be a follower of my blog as I will post again soon with the next videos in the series. Look to the upper Right of the post and you should see where you can become a follower. Go ahead and join my following friends that are already there and welcome to my "Hidden Island Paradise". Enjoy!

I will post again soon,

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Islanders By Choice Alliance - On Facebook

Hi to all of my HIP readers,

Well, it has happened A new group has formed on Facebook. The group is named "Islanders By Choice Alliance" or IBCA.

"Carol O'Hanley changed the group description to Are you new to PEI? Have you lived on PEI for a while and have difficulty integrating into your community? Are you planning to come to PEI and want to set up some networks? Are you and Islander who would like to make more connections? If you answered YES to any of the above questions, our group may be of interest to you! We are a friendly alliance of people who choose to call PEI our home. Our goal is to host social events Island wide and offer support for people integrating into PEI communities. Our website is: This is a brand new initiative so we are looking for people who want to use our group as well as those who would like to help get it going. (Of course you can also do both!) If you moved to PEI and have been successful integrating into your community, we would love to hear from you to get some ideas of what our group can be doing for our members. We have an executive set up as well as some committees we are starting to develop and work on. Co-chairs:Carol O'Hanley/Heather Wilson Vice – chairs: Jodi LeBlanc/Nancy Beth Guptill Communications Officer: Christine Gordon Manley Secretary: Rosemary Ghiz Treasurer: Lori MacDonald Social Media: Carol O’Hanley Committees Events Outreach/Resources Web Development If you would like to help us in any capacity, please contact myself or Heather Wilson. We will accept any contribution of time you are able to give us. If you would like to use our group to make new friends/connections, please join and stay tuned for upcoming events and additional information! We have received a tremendous response from the public for this type of support and expect it to grow quickly".

Many people all over the world want to accomplish a dream of making Prince Edward Island their home.

Some of us are fortunate to have been born here, grew up here, worked and raised a family here.
Now we are in the retirement phase of our lives and we get to enjoy this Hidden Island Paradise" like never before.

Others are retiring here or moving here because they want to. Whatever the reason more and more people are moving here. Since modern technology allows more of us to work from anywhere, our location is not so dependent on our work. With cell phone and high speed Internet service being available throughout the island, if one can work remotely than one can work here.

Now back to the new group. It is being set up to inform, assist and support anyone who might like to live here on my Hidden Island Paradise. Awesome!

Click here to go to the group page and ask to join the group.

Let me take this opportunity to say Welcome! Enjoy, my "Hidden Island Paradise"

I will post again soon.