Friday, July 01, 2011

Grandma's Tea Room Update...

Welcome to Grandma's Tea Room

Well it's the 1st day of July 2011 and The Royals (William and Kate) have arrived in Canada. They landed in Ottawa yesterday afternoon and are by now enjoying the  Canada Day celebrations around Canada's capital city and around Parliament Hill or "The Hill" as it is commonly referred to by many.

Excitement is mounting on Prince Edward Island as it will be the next stop on the Royal Tour.

Grandma's Tea Room is ready after much heartfelt preparation Cindy and Guy are ready to receive guests.

I posted a few days ago "The Royals Are Coming...Let's Do Tea". Do call Cindy to book your reservation for Royal Tea - Hat's and Hospitalitea at Grandma's Tea Room.

Cindy emailed me some pictures of the newly decorated tea room for the Royal Tour and I have uploaded them for you to see too.

So, don't forget, having tea at Grandma's Tea Room is special any time but this, this is really something special. Don't miss this opportunity. Call Cindy at (902) 367-7851

p.s. I had the opportunity to sample the tea and scones in the tea room along with the wonderful hospitality of Cindy, Guy and Sydney (granddaughter) on Wednesday. I have to tell you that you will not be disappointed. The tea and scones are the best ever!  As was the conversation and overall Hospitalitea....

Enjoy the Garden

Enjoy the Experience

Tea for One?

Selection of Hats and Other Precious Things

Interesting Things

Cozy Tea for Two
Conversation and Tea

A Beautiful Place for Tea


Gary Gray said...

Hi Cindy,

My, the tea room looks wonderfully royal. The colors are awesome. I can just imagine having tea with friends. The scones, butters and jams are amazing. I am looking forward to a garden tour on my very next visit. I hope that you receive lots of visitors during the event. What a great opportunity for something unique and royal at the same time. - Gary

cindy said...

Hi Gary,
Thank you for all your help. Yes, I have Royal-ed it up a little, even the scones have a little royal blue in them (Island blueberries) It has been fun and I hope I see some numbers. Yesterday Kelti from Aloha Tourist Home came for a Royal Tea with all their guests, it was nice to put on the ritz, they had great fun and were extremely impressed. Got to run, the cake timer is going off