Monday, February 01, 2010

Why do I love P.E.I.?


That is a very good question. I know why I love Prince Edward Island. (P.E.I.) I was born here, my girls were born here and their children were born here. (ref A Beautiful Day To Be Born page 12 of the book Prince Edward Island Tales written by members of the Montague Library Writers Guild and published by Tom Schultz) Printed by Lightning Source and available on line at

"Here are 49 ways in which life on the Island has inspired members of the Montague Library Writers Guild. Some may make you smile, others shed a tear. All will help you appreciate the hold this Province has on us..."

Now, why would someone that was not born here love it? Maybe it is just the sheer peaceful beauty of the place.

An Islander by choice, Kim, has begun to blog. She is so filled with the spirit of this island she can't keep it contained. It seeps into every post on her blog and today she posted a video of photos set to music.

Her blog is titled Top of the Meadow. and here is a link to the blog post containing her video.

I encourage you to check out Kim's blog, her video and the Writers Guild book. I think you will begin to understand why we love P.E.I.