Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thirty Day Challenge

No Picture just watch the video!

Hi Team

Free IM training!

Lets all do the thirty day challenge!

Check out this kewl Youtube video

See ya all on the challenge.

Remember it's to sign up.

Official start date August 01, 2007 (but we are already in pre challenge setup so don't delay do it today)

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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Entertainment at the Montague Waterfront....

Hi again everyone

How would you like a little taste of that local entertainment that abounds on my Hidden Island Paradise?

Well click here to listen to a short sample of a free open air concert that took place at the Montague Waterfront on Saturday July 7th. 2007. I hope that you enjoy it as much as we islanders do. (the audio clip is 30 minutes of unedited recording live so there is a bit of background noise that goes with being there)


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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Great Food with a View.....

Hi Everyone...Welcome Back...

If you are in the Montague area of my Hidden Island Paradise and you are feeling a little hungry, I would like to recomend a favourite spot of mine.

It is called the Station Cafe and of course it is located on the waterfront in the old station house. It is licenced and they serve a light menu that will fill that hunger spot in just the right way.

Try a cup of seafood chowder, a lobster sandwich or finish off with one of the fab desserts and a bottomless cup of great coffee.

The food is great but the outdoor deck tables are choice with a wonderful view of the waterfront.

You can just sit and relax while you enjoy the live music of local entertainers next door. You can explore the riverside trail for a few kilometers to work off that great food. You can board the Manada or the Manada II to enjoy some seal watching. Why you can even tour the Garden of the Gulf Museum the oldest museum in my Hidden Island Paradise.

So if you are in the Montague area make sure that you drop by the Station Cafe they are friendly and they have great food with a view.

Maybe I will see you there. Be sure to say hello.

Smiles :o)


Monday, June 25, 2007

Foods to tempt your tastebuds

Hi everyone Welcome back...

Islanders and visitors alike will discover the satisfaction that comes from knowing they are getting fresh and wholesome food. They are also getting the natural taste that comes from a long tradition of people who have harvested the rich bounty of the land and sea on this Island for generations. You can also find out more about these products from the people who nurtured them.

This guide has been produced by the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Aquaculture, together with the Department of Tourism, to help you discover the joys of local foods.
If you would like to receive a copy of the 2007 Farm Fresh Produce Directory, please contact the Agriculture Information Desk at 1-866-734-3276.

Click here to check out "Fresh from our farm" foods

Feel free to contact any or all of these friendly island farm folks. They would love to hear from you.

These are just a sample of the friendly folk that produce fresh farm foods here on my hidden island paradise.

Enjoy and Smiles :o)


Monday, June 18, 2007

Island Living Magazine

Welcome back

Just wanted to let you in on one of our hidden island paradise's most recent secrets.

This magazine has just published it's priemere issue (June 2007) and the publishers plan to publish quarterly issues.

This is the perfect way to explore my hidden island paradise from the comfort of your own home.

Click here to get your copy today and sign up for a subcription to future issues.

Just read these press releases.

Press Releases:

The premiere issue of a new quarterly publication promoting the Island and it’s rich variety of lifestyles hits the newsstands this month. Island Living Magazine, is a treasure trove of photos, articles, and creative writing about rural and urban life on Prince Edward Island. Contributors to the publication include award-winning food editor, Julie Watson and photographer, Ann MacNeill.

Island Living Magazine, created with the Island in mind and it’s beauty at heart, is a collaborative effort of Island writers and photographers aspiring to best represent and celebrate our way of life. “Like so many others who have moved to Prince Edward Island”, says Publisher Karla Kordyban, “we were literally floored by the beauty of the land, the warmth of the people, and the cornucopia of talent that exists in virtually every corner of the Province.”In its first edition, Island Living will take a walk through a custom designed home near Panmure Island, go on a motorcycle tour of the North Shore, enjoy the excitement of harness racing and invite you to escape into the comfort of Guest Houses that welcome you to relax and enjoy all the beauty that surrounds you. Each issue explores and exalts life on Prince Edward Island and the end result is a vibrant island experience.

The magazine is available in shops across the Island. For contact and ordering information, you may go to or order or call 902-954-1154.

Experience the beauty, culture and warmth of my hidden island paradise.

Click here now.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Welcome to Montague the Beautiful !!!

Welcome to the part of my hidden island paradise where I live.

Montague the Beautiful, as the name suggests, is one of the prettiest towns on the Island. Graced with a tranquil river, lovely tree-lined streets and stately homes, it is a wonderful environment for residents and visitors alike. Montague's location in the heart of Kings County also makes it a regional centre of business and commerce, an excellent place for investment.

The town itself is located along the Montague River in what used to be known as Township Lots 52 and 59. It lies approximately six miles upstream from Cardigan Bay, allowing for easy access by water to the Northumberland Strait and the Atlantic Ocean. The river bisects the town from east to west, providing excellent small port access for transport, fishing and recreation, as well as enhancing the town's scenic beauty.

Enjoy your virtual visit and if you can come for a real visit we would love to give you a personal tour.

Smiles :o)


Sunday, January 14, 2007

A Link for Nick while he is in Portugal...

Hi Nick and Margaret

I hope you have had a smooth flight and have arrived at your Mediterranean Sea front home safeley.

I have put a link here for you to easily access Sterling Whiteway's latest real estate listings.

Click here to go to Sterling's site.

One of my earlier posts has a link to Brad Oliver and I think Kelvin MacInnis is planning to give me some information and a link that I will post in the near future.

So enjoy your stay, we miss you as allways and look forward to seeing you both when you get back to your Hidden Island Paradise home.

Smiles :o)


Friday, January 12, 2007

Hidden Island (Green ) Paradise

Welcome back

Yes our Hidden Island Paradise is more than green fields with dairy cows and golf courses of winding fairways and manicured greens.

Our Hidden Island Paradise has a government that wants us all to recycle our waste. Use our water to make Hydrogen to power our cars and use our wind to make electricity.

So the question is "can we have an environmentally friendly Hidden Island Paradise?"

The proposal is a change for Maritime Electric, which had said that wind power was too expensive.

"The technology has improved dramatically in the past few years," president Jim Lea now says. "The cost has declined and the reliability has increased. That has a big factor on the economics."

There are already eight wind generators at the PEI Energy Corp Site. They're expected to supply two per cent of the province's needs. PEI Energy Corp. is a Crown corporation and the province is pushing wind power because it's a clean, renewable source.

I have also heard that as much as fifteen percent of the Province's electricity could be generated within the near future. (months maybe due to more wind generators rapidly comming online)

Click here to read the entire article

Till next time think GREEN.

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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Hidden Island Paradise History.. You gotta Love it!!!

Welcome back

The Community Museums Association of Prince Edward Island was formed in 1983 and grew out of a need felt within the provincial museum community for stronger support services for the community museums. The mandate accepted by the Association was that of fostering and supporting historical societies and community museums, as well as facilitating communication between the various museums, governments, and other relevant organizations. From its inception, the major goal of the Association has been to upgrade the quality of museums on Prince Edward Island by providing the necessary skills and knowledge to museum operators. The movement towards high museum standards through training and the sharing of information is central to our very existence.

Let Barry King of the Community Museums Association of Prince Edward Island give you the Royal Treatment.

Click here to meet Barry and let him introduce you to Island History from an insiders point of view.

Also check out the Museum and Heritage Prince Edward Island site (one museum, seven sites)

Green Gables House form the book Anne of Green Gables by L. M. Montgomery

Province House Seat of Island government and birthplace of Canada.

Now I want you to keep in mind that you have just scratched the surface of the rich history and culture of our Hidden Island Paradise.

Other areas of interest remain such as Theatre and arts, Island Architecture, Community histories, The era of land barons, ship building and sail as well as the rich tapestry of Island folklore just to mention a few.