Sunday, July 18, 2010

Islander By Blood

Hi Everyone

It is another beautiful summer day here on my hidden island paradise. I know that it has been quite a while since I have posted to this blog but today I learned a new phrase.

My cousin Daphne and her son Eric has come to the Island for a visit this week. She told me that they live west of New York City in the state of New Jersey. She grew up in Toronto and now of course is living in the US.

We kinda figured out today that it has been about 40 years since we have seen each other. It seems that every time that she visited the Island during that time I was away somewhere and so we kept missing out on seeing each other for the past 40 years.

It was great to reconnect with them today and although the time we had was short we did manage a whirlwind tour of Southern Kings county. Through Montague with a quick look to the Left to see the marina and the Montague waterfront. Then along the Commercial to the Buffalo Ranch but we didn't see any buffalo. Then Left along the Brooklyn/Line road to Sturgeon. Then a Right turn and on to Pamure Island beach. When we left Pamure Island we traveled across country to meet back up with the Commercial again. Then Left and on to Murray River. Leaving Murray River we traveled South to Little Sands and then turned Right on the road that runs along Northumberland Strait toward Wood Islands. As we drove along Daphne spotted the ferry as it was making it's way from Pictou, crossing the Strait to the Island at Wood Island's. After passing through Wood Island's we turned Right to head back to Montague through the Calidonia Hills.

As we drove back through the beautiful hills of Calidonia Daphne began to tell me "you know" she said "to be an Islander, they say you have to be born here". "If you were not born on Prince Edward Island then you are not an Islander" "yes" I replied but we have another term and it is "an Islander by Choice". "No!" she exclaimed "I love it here and my son Eric and I, we are Islanders by blood!".

I loved what Daphne had just said, with my good arm I reached into my case and pulled out our book "Prince Edward Island Tales 2nd edition" "Here Daphne" I said "this is for you!"

We concluded our brief tour back at Timmies in Montague. With a big hug, a promise to call her and a wave, she and Eric were off on their way back to Charlottetown to pick up uncle Everett who is like 94 and take him over to his son Wayne's to meet even more of their cousins and extended family.

Family and family relationships are very important to the people of our Island. Now I learned just how important they are to extended family not born on the Island. Thank you Daphne!

So now there are three ways to be an Islander:

1. You could to be born on the Island.
2. You could be an Islander by choice.
3. You could be an Islander by blood.

By the way Daphne's son Eric did not get left out of the gift giving. Unfortunately Eric is not a sports fan and is not very familiar with hockey. However I thought that he might like one of Brad Richard's early numbered hockey cards from before he became part of the National Hockey League, winning the Stanley Cup, Lady Bing and Con Smythe trophies while playing with the Tampa Bay Lightnings. Of course Brad is an Island boy, born in Montague and raised in Murray Harbour. Brad now plays for the Dallas Stars and they are planning a team Fall training camp in Charlottetown this Fall of 2010. Eric has family in Texas and just might get to see Brad play.

As I conclude writing this post it is evening here on my hidden island paradise and I am contemplating an evening walk to Timmies to have a cup of tea to finish off a perfect day. Would you like to join me?

Smiles :o)