Sunday, September 13, 2009

Amanda And John


Have you ever been to Kings Playhouse in Georgetown? Well I think we could call it a jewel in the crown that is my hidden island paradise.

Yesterday my friend, Kent Jackson called to ask if I would like to attend the annual fund raiser for the playhouse last evening.

You see, Kent's daughter Amanda and another friend John Cain would be doing a couple of songs together to entertain the crowd.

I agreed that I would go.

The evening was a great success raising over $11,000.00. for the Playhouse expansion project.

It was a very fun evening with some wine and cheese hosted by the Rossignol Winery

There was also a silent auction of many items donated by local businesses.

I did attempt to record Amanda and john on my older Flip cam. Given the size of the space we were sitting in, the distance from the stage and the subdued lighting I guess it came out ok.

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Till next post.

Smiles :o)


P.S I have been playing with a new feature from Google in Google Reader, my RSS service.

A little feature called "send this". It lets me post interesting things that I come across directly from the reader onto my blogs.

So keep an eye open for one of those posts appearing from time to time.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dunn Creek Farm

Dunn Creek Farm: "We recently visited John Quimby of Dunn Creek Farm who was kind enough to have us over for a tour of his certified organic farm in Murray Harbour North.
He was also kind enough to stuff us full of organic veggies at his kitchen table and send us home with baskets of organic potatoes, yellow beans, [...]"