Sunday, July 05, 2009

commandN comes to Prince Edward Island

Hello Everyone

Maybe you are a fan of or maybe it is something totally new to you.

Amber and Jeff MacArthur produce this weekly web based tech show along with Will Pate.

The MacArthur's are P.E.I. born and their parents operate a business in Charlottetown called "Best of PEI"

The quality of their show is excellent and you can connect with them on twitter if you wish.

The neat thing about this show is that it was shot in Charlottetown giving viewers a sneak peek at this welcoming provincial capital city located right here on my Hidden Island Paradise.

Click Here to visit the web site to find lots more shows.

I hope you enjoy the show and the site, and that you become a regular follower of

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Till next post enjoy.

Smiles :o)