Monday, November 19, 2012

Artisans On Main Is Made To Stick

“Artisans On Main”
Made To Stick

Simply put “Artisans On Main” the project, means “When you fall in LOVE with our Island home, you can take it home with you”. People tend to fall in love at first sight when they visit Prince Edward Island. We invite you to experience our Island’s LOVE and take it home.

It may be an unexpected bonus to spend time with an Island artist. Learn about our Island through art. Experience this beautiful Island through their eyes and also have the opportunity to own a part of it as an original art piece.

Nothing is a more concrete icon of Prince Edward Island than the book “Anne Of Green Gables” by author Lucy Maud Montgomery. It remains on the top ten all time list of classic books. We capture Anne’s Island just for you through original Island art.

Credibility is growing in our very first year with nearly two thousand visitors to our gallery leaving comments in our guest book. Nearly one hundred pieces of original art work finding new forever homes. Almost two hundred people “Liked” our Facebook page.

Fair warning, if you come for a visit, you WILL fall in LOVE! Prince Edward Island will magnetize your LOVE of natural beauty, friendly people, ocean vistas, long inviting beaches with unforgetable sunsets, original art and Island culture or just amazing food and a comfy bed. You WILL fall in LOVE!

Of course the best known story of Prince Edward Island is told within the pages of the book “Anne Of Green Gables” . You can read it now if you wish. “Anne Of Green Gables” the story

Come, visit our Island. Experience Artisans On Main. Be prepared to fall in LOVE!


Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Writing The Stories (Montague Library Writers Guild)

Writing The Stories (the blog)

This blog has been created by the Montague Library Writers Guild and is useful for posting information that is interesting to the group as well as information about our authors and the projects that we are working on.

If you would like to network with writers, illustrators and self publishers , simply try your hand at writing, have something that you have written  constructively critiqued by experienced writers, have a writing project that you would like some help with, learn how  the writing and publishing industries are changing or attend presentations by accomplished experts in this field.  

Click Here to read more and contact this active writers group.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Unique and Original Island Gifts And Souvenirs

"Artisans on Main will bring new life to the core of Montague this summer. Come experience local artisans at work, creating unique island made treasures; jewelry, sea crafts, oil paintings, nautical photos; quilts you’ll find it all at the Main Street Art Gallery, Production Studio and Artisan Boutique. Purchase Island made treasures on site. If you are feeling artistic, join an afternoon Art Class. Island gifts and souvenirs at the Artisan Boutique are created on Prince Edward Island and vary as widely as the waves on the Sea. For more information contact: Stella at 902-838-4030 ext 238,
visit the Artisans On Main Face book page :"

Information credit: Town Of Montague Website

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Running on Fumes - The Book

Greg MacAdam, a very talented young Prince Edward Island artist gave a much appreciated presentation about his art to the Montague Young Writers Group at the Montague Library.

Greg has recently published a book of some of his art and he has the imagination and talent to publish much more.

He is a fine example of the young talent that resides here on my Hidden Island Paradise.

Read more: Fire Bean Studios blog post about his book.

Visit: Greg's Facebook profile

Visit: Fire Bean Studios Facebook Page

 I hope you will follow Greg and support him in his efforts to share his art with the world.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Stories Of My Hidden Island Paradise

Wood Islands Prints


Welcome to the site for Wood Islands Prints.
The Wood Islands part of the name is from the area (town?) where I live here on Prince Edward Island in eastern Canada. It is known best for the ferry terminal about two miles from home. The ferry goes across to Nova Scotia for about 7 months of the year and is a popular tourist attraction. In the winter the area loses all tourist attraction and drops to the relatively few permanent residents.
The Prints part of the name began about a decade ago when I first began marketing matted prints of photographs I had taken to local gift shops. The photography side of the business has settled to a small but steady business supplying postcards and photo-magnets of local scenes (produced through VistaPrint) to shops on the southeast corner of the island." read more...
This is a new blog written by Tom Schultz to help new Island writers to self publish.
As we move more deeply into the 21st Century and the age of information, the economic well being of Prince Edward Island will depend more heavily on the arts and the stories that will be the content of plays and paintings as well as books and music like those at the "Tunes and Yarns Virtual Cafe"
Enjoy the stories of my Hidden Island Paradise. As we take you on an artistic picnic of our culture through image, story and music. Just imagine being here...

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Prince Edward Island - Imagine Being Here!


"We would like to welcome you to our beautiful province. Prince Edward Island has welcomed visitors of all ages for many years, creating authentic Island experiences for everyone to enjoy. Our miles of sandy beaches are some of the best in the world. Our rich culture and heritage offer much to be seen and explored. And our warm hospitality sets us apart.

What unexpected and priceless gifts will your family take home? Family Vacation ideas
There's an Authentic PEI Experience for everyone-play a round of golf at an award-winning course; learn how an artisan creates their one-of-a-kind craft; attend one of our manyfestivals and events and sample some of the finest culinaryproducts, fresh from the farm and sea.
Fill your days with a scenic coastal tour, an evening of theatre or a fun-filled family activity. Make Prince Edward Island your next vacation destination. Discover why our visitors are already booking their return visit before they leave."

Photo and content credit: Prince Edward Island Department of Tourism

Invest a little of your time with our new 2012 Prince Edward Island visitors guide and IMAGINE BEING HERE on my Hidden Island Paradise.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Island Wide Kitchen Party Feb 20th, 2012

"The Biggest Kitchen Party You've Ever Seen!"

"Each year Prince Edward Island celebrates Islander Day - so come February 20th it will be a holiday for ALL who live here – both those native to the Island and those that have moved here from the mainland and away. Then there are those who may only be able  to wish that they could be here.

There’s an alliance that has formed to unite both groups called Islanders by Choice and this year they are planning to kick the celebrations up a couple of notches – throwing what they call
 'The Biggest Kitchen Party You've Ever Seen'.  There will be great entertainment and great food – dancing, playing and above all having fun."

Click Here to read more and find the links. Click Here to join the fun! : )


I hope you can mark your calendar and come join "The Biggest Kitchen Party You've Ever Seen!"

Welcome to my Hidden Island Paradise.

I hope you are having an AWESOME day! :D

smiles :)