Thursday, April 26, 2012

Stories Of My Hidden Island Paradise

Wood Islands Prints


Welcome to the site for Wood Islands Prints.
The Wood Islands part of the name is from the area (town?) where I live here on Prince Edward Island in eastern Canada. It is known best for the ferry terminal about two miles from home. The ferry goes across to Nova Scotia for about 7 months of the year and is a popular tourist attraction. In the winter the area loses all tourist attraction and drops to the relatively few permanent residents.
The Prints part of the name began about a decade ago when I first began marketing matted prints of photographs I had taken to local gift shops. The photography side of the business has settled to a small but steady business supplying postcards and photo-magnets of local scenes (produced through VistaPrint) to shops on the southeast corner of the island." read more...
This is a new blog written by Tom Schultz to help new Island writers to self publish.
As we move more deeply into the 21st Century and the age of information, the economic well being of Prince Edward Island will depend more heavily on the arts and the stories that will be the content of plays and paintings as well as books and music like those at the "Tunes and Yarns Virtual Cafe"
Enjoy the stories of my Hidden Island Paradise. As we take you on an artistic picnic of our culture through image, story and music. Just imagine being here...

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