Thursday, March 26, 2009

Seen From Away

Hello everyone

There is a question that we islanders are asked more than occasionally. That question is this "is the color of the soil on P.E.I. really red?"

Well when you look at the picture of the cover of my friend Tom Schultz's book "Prince Edward Island seen 'from away'" (above) you tell me. (the picture is a view looking South on route 23 from just North of Newtown Cross Prince Edward Island)

In this quick read book (about 118 pages) that Tom wrote last year he tells the story of how he and his wife came to retire on P.E.I. It is also a description of people, places, and practices on the island as seen by a newcomer.

Tom's book gives you the flavor of just how delicious life can be here on my Hidden Island Paradise.

Tom's book is available for under $15.00 USD by contacting Tom Schultz at

Wood Island Prints
670 Tran Canada Highway RR 1
Belle River, PEI C0A 2B0

Or email him at

Also at

Editorial Reviews

Product Description

"This book describes the people, places, and practices of Prince Edward Island, Canada (the smallest province, located just north of Nova Scotia in Atlantic Canada) as seen by a recent newcomer. "From away" is the local term for anyone not born on the island, no matter how long they have lived there. This book can be a useful visitor's guide or a tool to help long-time Islanders recover an appreciation for the things they have stopped noticing because of long familiarity."

Tom says that his book is "dedicated to the hope of new beginnings inspired by the Creator"

If you are looking to a new beginning on a hidden island paradise get a copy of Tom's book and let him give you a proper introduction.

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