Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Island Wide Kitchen Party Feb 20th, 2012

"The Biggest Kitchen Party You've Ever Seen!"

"Each year Prince Edward Island celebrates Islander Day - so come February 20th it will be a holiday for ALL who live here – both those native to the Island and those that have moved here from the mainland and away. Then there are those who may only be able  to wish that they could be here.

There’s an alliance that has formed to unite both groups called Islanders by Choice and this year they are planning to kick the celebrations up a couple of notches – throwing what they call
 'The Biggest Kitchen Party You've Ever Seen'.  There will be great entertainment and great food – dancing, playing and above all having fun."

Click Here to read more and find the links. Click Here to join the fun! : )


I hope you can mark your calendar and come join "The Biggest Kitchen Party You've Ever Seen!"

Welcome to my Hidden Island Paradise.

I hope you are having an AWESOME day! :D

smiles :)