Friday, November 11, 2011

PEI Photo Shoot - Simply Awesome!!!

Have you ever read the book "Anne of Green Gables" by Lucy Maud Montgomery?

It is a romantic novel about a young orphan girl who came to Prince Edward Island to live with an Island family and work as a farm hand. (she was supposed to be a boy)

Anyway this young girl with flaming red hair and seven freckles had the most vivid imagination that led to all sorts of romantic adventures.

The book although written a hundred years ago remains a number one best seller to this day. Romantics the world over have followed their own dreams and found their way to Prince Edward Island to explore for themselves the land of Anne (with an e)

Now it's time to meet a real life Anne who also came to Prince Edward Island . Laura Jane is a true romantic with her very own adventure that also involves Prince Edward Island.

Let's first visit PEI Photo Shoot something organized by a half dozen Island business women some of whom are known as the Island Tweethearts. (need I say more)

To really get the back story on Laura Jane and Cam I need to take you on your very own  "Whimfield" adventure.

I really wouldn't feel complete in doing this post on our famous "Anne" character without  including a visit to "Cavendish Figurines" This business was started by two friends that I med during my "Community School" days. It has grown into a very successful business with (of course) International sales.

I hope that you have enjoyed this tiny taste of  my "Hidden Island Paradise"

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