Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Sneak Peek At My Favorite Island

photo by Jack Slade, of Montague, Prince Edward Island

Sailing on the Brudenell River

Hi Everyone

There is nothing better than a day on the water....Or is there?

Here is a little video to give you a taste of what YOU can experience if you decide to come visit my Hidden Island Paradise.

If you feel the urge to share my paradise island, come visit and to get more info click here to link to my Hidden Island Paradise visitor information.

Don't forget to stop by for a tea while you are on the island. I would love to treat you to tea on the patio at the Station Cafe with a fabulous view of the Montague River I might even consent to be your guide while you are in my part of the island.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Prince Edward Island Tales

This cover just draws you in as indeed does our hidden island paradise...

Hi everyone

I just wanted to put up a quick post to draw your attention to a new book that has just been published.

This wonderful little book is the product of nine individual writers working cooperatively. They are all members of the Montague Library Writers Guild, drawn together by their common love for the written word.

Since all of these writers make their home right here on Prince Edward Island it seemed only natural that they would all reflect the flavor of Island life in their work.

The book is now available on and here is a snipit of what they have to say about the book.

Product Description

Product Description
"This collection of poems and short prose pieces showcases the talents of the Montague Library Writers Guild members. They have focused their talents on accounts of life on Prince Edward Island, Canada ranging from a description of cluster flies, to an account of a 5-year-old making the rounds of his community over 50 years ago. There are poems about the shore, fishing, and a youth hockey match. A piece describes why someone should choose to live on PEI while a poem describes the exhilaration of a February day."

Don't waste a minute pondering as to whether or not to buy this book. If you love Prince Edward Island or know someone who does then just go ahead and buy this book today (now)

You will not regret your taking action on this opportunity but hurry as supplies are limited.

Buy it right now at

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Wishing you many enjoyable hours with this wonderful book as it reflects the beauty of my Hidden Island Paradise.

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Tour de PEI 2009

Hi Everyone

Well this past week brought some beautiful weather as well as women to Prince Edward Island.

It was the week of the Tour de PEI 2009.

This is the week that 100 fast women literally took over the gentle country roads of my hidden island paradise.

I was out and about (as they say in Canada eh) on Wednesday and managed to catch them as they flew by. Once on the Wood Island Hill in Montague and again at the finish line in Georgetown.

Here are the videos that I shot from those locations. (don't blink or you may miss them)

Tour de PEI 2009 Montague, PEI

Tour de PEI Georgetown, PEI

Check out the Tour de PEI Facebook group for even more videos of the 2009 event.

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