Saturday, June 13, 2009

Tour de PEI 2009

Hi Everyone

Well this past week brought some beautiful weather as well as women to Prince Edward Island.

It was the week of the Tour de PEI 2009.

This is the week that 100 fast women literally took over the gentle country roads of my hidden island paradise.

I was out and about (as they say in Canada eh) on Wednesday and managed to catch them as they flew by. Once on the Wood Island Hill in Montague and again at the finish line in Georgetown.

Here are the videos that I shot from those locations. (don't blink or you may miss them)

Tour de PEI 2009 Montague, PEI

Tour de PEI Georgetown, PEI

Check out the Tour de PEI Facebook group for even more videos of the 2009 event.

More people are signing up for my Net Friends list and you can too. Just click here to sign up.

Til next post.

Smiles :o)



contact said...

Thanks for sharing these videos, Gary! I didn't get a chance to see any of the race, but now I've at least seen footage. :)

contact said...

That's weird, that was me, Laura-Jane! Not sure who I am signed up as... lol. I am disorganized!

garydotgray said...

Hi L-J

Thanks for letting me know it was you.

Sorry that you missed the race but happy that you got to watch the videos.

If you click through to the Facebook group you can find four more videos. One of the girls keeps a video blog that I thought was rather neat.

Thanks for your comments.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gary! Thanks for sharing those videos, it was fun to watch!

garydotgray said...

Hi Rain

Yo are most welcome! I actually used a size that was a little too large for my blog. That's ok because we learn by our mistakes and I make lots of them.

Smiles :o)


Anonymous said...

Hi Gary! That's okay, I double clicked and saw it on YouTube!