Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Sneak Peek At My Favorite Island

photo by Jack Slade, of Montague, Prince Edward Island

Sailing on the Brudenell River

Hi Everyone

There is nothing better than a day on the water....Or is there?

Here is a little video to give you a taste of what YOU can experience if you decide to come visit my Hidden Island Paradise.

If you feel the urge to share my paradise island, come visit and to get more info click here to link to my Hidden Island Paradise visitor information.

Don't forget to stop by for a tea while you are on the island. I would love to treat you to tea on the patio at the Station Cafe with a fabulous view of the Montague River I might even consent to be your guide while you are in my part of the island.

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Till next blog post,

Smiles :o)



Anonymous said...

I'm getting antsy! I may stop by for tea once I get there Gary! Oh, looks like I'm going to have to take up golf. I've only tried it once and apparently I'm a "natural", who knows, the guy who told me that wanted to go out with me, so I'll need an objective opinion, ha ha!

Thanks for the video and the photos!!


garydotgray said...

Hi Rain

Thanks for your comment. Yep, golfers will see PEI in their dreams after playing a round on just some of our courses. Don't worry there are plenty of other dreamy things to do on my hidden island paradise. But of course if you are a natural then by all means indulge yourself.

Smiles :o)


Rossini said...

Hello Mr. Gray,

We hope you could visit us too at