Sunday, January 30, 2011

Food Country With Chef Michael Smith...

Welcome to our HIP readers,

Everybody loves food, right? Of course we do? Well get your taste buds ready and come along to my Hidden Island Paradise where we have a cornucopia of foods for your palate to explore. Don't forget the aromas and the sight of all these foods being prepared.

I have to stop talking about Island foods as my mouth is watering beyond what any normal human should have to endure.

I am just going to introduce you to our most well known chef Michael Smith and let Michael show you what my Hidden Island Paradise has to offer.

Here's Michael in the first of a series of videos titled: "Food County With Chef Michael Smith"

I hope you enjoyed some of our local characters that make up the fabric of my "Hidden Island Paradise".

Now lets peek into the kitchen to see what is on the menu today.


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I will post again soon,

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Islanders By Choice Alliance - On Facebook

Hi to all of my HIP readers,

Well, it has happened A new group has formed on Facebook. The group is named "Islanders By Choice Alliance" or IBCA.

"Carol O'Hanley changed the group description to Are you new to PEI? Have you lived on PEI for a while and have difficulty integrating into your community? Are you planning to come to PEI and want to set up some networks? Are you and Islander who would like to make more connections? If you answered YES to any of the above questions, our group may be of interest to you! We are a friendly alliance of people who choose to call PEI our home. Our goal is to host social events Island wide and offer support for people integrating into PEI communities. Our website is: This is a brand new initiative so we are looking for people who want to use our group as well as those who would like to help get it going. (Of course you can also do both!) If you moved to PEI and have been successful integrating into your community, we would love to hear from you to get some ideas of what our group can be doing for our members. We have an executive set up as well as some committees we are starting to develop and work on. Co-chairs:Carol O'Hanley/Heather Wilson Vice – chairs: Jodi LeBlanc/Nancy Beth Guptill Communications Officer: Christine Gordon Manley Secretary: Rosemary Ghiz Treasurer: Lori MacDonald Social Media: Carol O’Hanley Committees Events Outreach/Resources Web Development If you would like to help us in any capacity, please contact myself or Heather Wilson. We will accept any contribution of time you are able to give us. If you would like to use our group to make new friends/connections, please join and stay tuned for upcoming events and additional information! We have received a tremendous response from the public for this type of support and expect it to grow quickly".

Many people all over the world want to accomplish a dream of making Prince Edward Island their home.

Some of us are fortunate to have been born here, grew up here, worked and raised a family here.
Now we are in the retirement phase of our lives and we get to enjoy this Hidden Island Paradise" like never before.

Others are retiring here or moving here because they want to. Whatever the reason more and more people are moving here. Since modern technology allows more of us to work from anywhere, our location is not so dependent on our work. With cell phone and high speed Internet service being available throughout the island, if one can work remotely than one can work here.

Now back to the new group. It is being set up to inform, assist and support anyone who might like to live here on my Hidden Island Paradise. Awesome!

Click here to go to the group page and ask to join the group.

Let me take this opportunity to say Welcome! Enjoy, my "Hidden Island Paradise"

I will post again soon.