Sunday, January 30, 2011

Food Country With Chef Michael Smith...

Welcome to our HIP readers,

Everybody loves food, right? Of course we do? Well get your taste buds ready and come along to my Hidden Island Paradise where we have a cornucopia of foods for your palate to explore. Don't forget the aromas and the sight of all these foods being prepared.

I have to stop talking about Island foods as my mouth is watering beyond what any normal human should have to endure.

I am just going to introduce you to our most well known chef Michael Smith and let Michael show you what my Hidden Island Paradise has to offer.

Here's Michael in the first of a series of videos titled: "Food County With Chef Michael Smith"

I hope you enjoyed some of our local characters that make up the fabric of my "Hidden Island Paradise".

Now lets peek into the kitchen to see what is on the menu today.


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I will post again soon,

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