Thursday, February 17, 2011

Revenge of the Lobster Lover Gets A Facebook Boost...

Revenge of the Lobster Lover by Hilary MacLeod and published by Acorn Press

Welcome to our HIP readers,

The other day I got a message that votes were needed to help the book published by Charlottetown publishing house "Acorn Press" titled "Revenge of the Lobster Lover" snag the "CBC Bookies" award in the mystery category. I then did a little research on the book and the author. I found the website for the book and read the excerpts  that were available there.

I found the author on Facebook and sent a friend request. I was very quickly accepted as a friend and her posts began appearing on my Facebook feed.

I found the CBC bookies site and placed a vote for the book. (because I was actually impressed by the writing and look forward to reading the entire book. Of course it was a big plus that the book had been published by an Island publishing house.

It was not just me but many others that followed a similar path that enabled the book to win the category.

The power of web 2.0 social media was at work to promote this book and that is as Martha would say "a good thing". I hope that you will join me in tracking down a copy and devouring it in the same manner that it's succulent namesake would be at an Island lobster supper.

Here is a clip from a local university t.v. station.  (where the author teaches)  Enjoy!

QNet News TV Feb. 16, 2011 from QNet News on Vimeo.

We will post again soon,