Thursday, January 04, 2007

Hidden Island Paradise History.. You gotta Love it!!!

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The Community Museums Association of Prince Edward Island was formed in 1983 and grew out of a need felt within the provincial museum community for stronger support services for the community museums. The mandate accepted by the Association was that of fostering and supporting historical societies and community museums, as well as facilitating communication between the various museums, governments, and other relevant organizations. From its inception, the major goal of the Association has been to upgrade the quality of museums on Prince Edward Island by providing the necessary skills and knowledge to museum operators. The movement towards high museum standards through training and the sharing of information is central to our very existence.

Let Barry King of the Community Museums Association of Prince Edward Island give you the Royal Treatment.

Click here to meet Barry and let him introduce you to Island History from an insiders point of view.

Also check out the Museum and Heritage Prince Edward Island site (one museum, seven sites)

Green Gables House form the book Anne of Green Gables by L. M. Montgomery

Province House Seat of Island government and birthplace of Canada.

Now I want you to keep in mind that you have just scratched the surface of the rich history and culture of our Hidden Island Paradise.

Other areas of interest remain such as Theatre and arts, Island Architecture, Community histories, The era of land barons, ship building and sail as well as the rich tapestry of Island folklore just to mention a few.

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