Friday, January 12, 2007

Hidden Island (Green ) Paradise

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Yes our Hidden Island Paradise is more than green fields with dairy cows and golf courses of winding fairways and manicured greens.

Our Hidden Island Paradise has a government that wants us all to recycle our waste. Use our water to make Hydrogen to power our cars and use our wind to make electricity.

So the question is "can we have an environmentally friendly Hidden Island Paradise?"

The proposal is a change for Maritime Electric, which had said that wind power was too expensive.

"The technology has improved dramatically in the past few years," president Jim Lea now says. "The cost has declined and the reliability has increased. That has a big factor on the economics."

There are already eight wind generators at the PEI Energy Corp Site. They're expected to supply two per cent of the province's needs. PEI Energy Corp. is a Crown corporation and the province is pushing wind power because it's a clean, renewable source.

I have also heard that as much as fifteen percent of the Province's electricity could be generated within the near future. (months maybe due to more wind generators rapidly comming online)

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Till next time think GREEN.

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