Sunday, June 19, 2011

Charlottetown Tour 1988

Charlottetown today

Welcome to all of my HIP readers.

Today a friend posted a video to my Facebook Profile Page. The video is quite long but if you have a little spare time it is well worth watching. It was shot in the City of Charlottetown I think in the summer of 1988. (almost 25 years ago)

The Charlottetown you are seeing in this video would have been very familiar to me as at that time. I was part of the management team of Central Credit Union  in O'Leary and spent a considerable amount of time in the City for Provincial meetings, staff training sessions and other Provincial Credit Union functions.

I hope you enjoy this little peek into what my hidden island paradise was like a little more than twenty years ago.

If you wanted to take the time you could go on Google Street View to compare what those same areas look like today. (well at least within the past say two or three years)

Charlottetown is of course considered the birthplace of Canada so this is a rare opportunity to get a tour narrated by a local Charlottetownian and a step back in time as well.


I will post again soon.



cindy said...

This was some tour. Thank you Gary, I was a little surprised to see this graveyard and the condition it was in. The cars take me way back and I so think the signs above the business with just the name was a nice touch. A few places I didn't recognize. Great job, thank you

Gary Gray said...

Thank you Cindy, It is amazing how the years fly by. I can hardly imagine that nearly 25 years have passed since Charlottetown looked this way. There have been so many changes and the changes are still happening as we talked about. Thank you so much for your comment. - Gary