Wednesday, July 20, 2011

TOP SECRET TIP...PEI Tourism Fell Off A Cliff!

I am showing you an actual real time Google graph for the keyword "PEI Tourism".

Notice anything interesting? I do, The sharp decline in hits on the far Right. As you can see interest peaked last summer when Regis and Kelly were here, dropped away after the off season and began to build again coming into the summer of this year. Right up till the Royal visit and then "Off The Cliff!"

Every cloud has a silver lining. The silver lining in this cloud is a hidden treasure for you. If you have been thinking of coming to visit my Hidden Island Paradise then, NOW IS THE TIME!

With tourism falling like a stone there will be bargains to be had everywhere. I don't have any doubt that you could play let's make a deal and name your own price. Next year will be another year and things will have most likely rebounded by then.

This is a one time opportunity. Unless a tourism miracle happens like, right now! Anyone coming to visit will practically have their own private island. White sand beaches, rolling surf, fresh seafood like lobster (season opens again on August 10th) and Island produce like new Island potatoes, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and all the fresh homemade jams and jellies you can eat. All of the August festivals and fairs including Old Home Week with it's world class horse harness racing Even September can be a beautiful month here on my Hidden Island Paradise with yet another celebration of food with "Fall Flavors".

So, if you were thinking, maybe. I think this silver lining is looking you right in the face. Don't delay, book your vaca  today. Come visit me on my Hidden Island Paradise. I know you won't be disappointed 

Click Here and do it NOW!  

Shhhh... DON'T tell anyone that you found this post. ONLY share it with your very best friends. Remember to say "Hey" when you come by. Thanks! 

p.s.I enjoyed a beautiful supper this evening at The Station Cafe on the Montague waterfront. A beautiful evening to enjoy a delicious meal out of doors. Thanks Louise! Earlier I spoke with my friend Teri at the Firerose Gallery next door to  "Setting The Trend" in the "Down East Mall". She is just waiting for you to come by for a visit. Oh, and don't forget my friend Cindy at Grandma's Trailside Tea Room. It is also always a favorite stop. You never know I might see you at any of these locations, so don't be shy, say Hi!

I will post again soon.



Kim said...

Hey Gary, I'm a wee bit behind on reading my blogs. Great post. I didn't realize tourism was down, which shows how aware I am of local news.

cindy said...

Hey Gary,
Wow, so right we were looking at this same graph not long ago. We were also looking at the stats, we log daily the number of beds available and the number sold. The island is empty and even with the great rates I already have I reduced my rates to get some action. I mean come on, I have been saying the Island has priced itself out of business for the last 5 years it just took this long to catch up. I watch daily as people reduce accommodations to get business and it should have been done a long time ago. Today, I have reduced my prices to $60 for three nights, great deal. It is and will be hard now and this Winter. I figure the industry is down by 30 some percent. As to why, I'm not exactly sure it can be a number of things not just one thing. You are right though, it is the time to visit PEI. Thanks for the mention, friend let me know the next time you are in the area.

Gary Gray said...

@Cindy, thanks for the feedback. I really appreciate your professional opinion when it comes to tourism and my Hidden Island Paradise.

I had supper at "the Station Cafe" this evening on "the Montague Waterfront". Of course the food was superb as always and I got a chance to have a short visit with Louise and her family. thanks Louise!

I will let you know if I get a chance to come your way.


Gary Gray said...

@Kim, I know that I am late in doing this. I wanted to say thanks for your great comment.

Missing your posts @ "Top Of The Meadow"