Saturday, July 23, 2011

How To Cook A Lobster (PEI Style)

When you come visit my Hidden Island Paradise you won't want to miss the taste of our lobster.

I suppose that lobster could be cooked in various ways but you don't have to look beyond learning the art from someone who lives right here.

 The video above walks you through of proper PEI way to cook live lobsters. I can attest to the quality of this method.. I have eaten my share of lobster cooked this way and they were mmmmmm good!

It's your choice of  how you buy your lobster, live or cooked (cooked is usually 50 cents to a dollar, more per pound)

If iyu buy em live and follow the instructions in the video, you WILL experience the unforgettable taste of lobster from my Hidden Island Paradise.



cindy said...

Never thought of this, good for you.

garydotgray said...

Thanks Cindy, I was looking for higher volume on Google key word phrases that I could incorporate in my content. There is a lady in Montague who has Island made crafts. This is a little experiment for her. I used "How to cook a lobster" as the main part of my heading. It gets about 129,000 global searches per month on Google. I had top ranking for the keyword phrase "how to cook a lobster pei" within about an hour. Unfortunately "island made crafts" or even "pei crafts" don't even get enough searches on Google to show up.

cindy said...

Ok, so perhaps I need to do something like... How to cook a lobster in PEI, that is an Island craft. No? Hi Gary, I have been out of the loop for awhile now and got a few minutes this am and thought I'd stop by. You are going to have to show me this sometime. The other I'd like to mention is each time I visit you anywhere the popup window starts with your video starting with Charlottetown. It must be embedded somewhere, or is it a cookie thing and it keeps returning? I find it repetitive and maybe others do as well, I don't know. :-) The speakers were to the top and oh what a blast I got this morning. Have a great weekend

Gary Gray said...

@Cindy, thanks for dropping by and very sorry that you got blasted out of your chair with the Charlottetown tour video. You are right it can be annoying that it starts to play whenever you open the blog. However, it is a great video and considering the changes that Charlottetown has and is undergoing since that video was shot it does have good value.

Hey just turn your speakers down. LOL


garydotgray said...

Cooking your lobsters this way will amaze you with the results.

Add real PEI potato salad melted butter and fresh warm homemade bread buns.

A nice glass of wine will complete your meal but save room for your favorite dessert and coffee.

Now you need to learn the Island way to eat this amazing meal in a shell.

enjoy!!! :)