Friday, August 12, 2011

Heating Oil Tank And Fuel Oil Tank Nightmare

Heating Oil Tank 

Do you know what the worst nightmare could be for someone living here on my Hidden Island Paradise?

A Heating Oil Tank or a Fuel Oil Tank leak!


Because it  ruins the fragile Island environment of my Hidden Island Paradise. It can create huge property damage and cleanup bills. It is not uncommon for a typical heating oil tank or fuel oil tank spill  to be in to the six figure range.

What is the answer? RUPTUREseal  This is a product invented right here on my Hidden Island Paradise to temporarily STOP the leak until there is a permanent solution and the heating oil tank or the fuel oil tank can be repaired or replaced.

Oil and fuel leaks can and do happen anywhere so check out  RUPTUREseal  to see how this product can save the day, the environment, your property and your bank account.

A simple solution to a nightmare of a problem.

I will post again soon.


cindy said...

It isn't a simple clean up either. I have a friend who has had her basement dug up, replaced everything right down to digging a well, and all this earth has to be removed and cleaned up. It has been two years the contractors have been working on getting things back to normal. Insurance insurance Insurance, can't say it enough, but ya, check your oil tanks or at least have a service contract yearly and inspection.

Mac said...

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