Saturday, March 26, 2011

Have You Had Your Supper?

P.E.I Fish Chowder

Welcome to all of my IBCA  readers,

What does IBCA mean?

It means Islanders By Choice Alliance. ICBA is a group of people of which individuals could be from anywhere in the world including right here on my Hidden Island Paradise.

It means that in your heart you have connected with my island and you choose to spend time here, live here or long to spend time or live here at some point in your life.

Why does the ICBA exist?

Well, there is this stigma that has always (at least as long as I can remember) existed here about people that were not born on Prince Edward Island and they are commonly referred to as CFA's or "Come From Away's"  This circumstance unfortunately can present a negative side to what is otherwise one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Click here to listen to a CBC Radio podcast segment of Maritime Magazine and learn more about this interesting. part of my Hidden Island Paradise and what the IBCA is trying to do about it

Oh, by the way, have you had supper yet? We are only having some fish chowder with homemade bread and molasses but you are welcome to set in and have some. Just give us a minute to set an extra place. Would you like some fresh cow's milk for your tea?

I will post again soon.


Kim said...

Oh yum! I wish!

garydotgray said...

Hi Kim,

Maybe we could do coffee @ Timmies. lol :)

Marguerite said...

Gary, your supper looks divine. I could eat that every night of the week!

Gary Gray said...

Hi Marquerite,

I would hazard a guess that fish chowder is a bit more common on Island supper tables than Seafood chowder.

Home made bread and molasses is also a staple as is good strong tea.

It's always good to drop over for supper. Good food and good neighbors is an Island tradition.