Thursday, March 10, 2011

Virtual Paint Out Prince Edward Island

Clark - Upper Hillsborough Street
                 Carolee Clark - Upper Hillsborough Street

Hi and welcome to all of my HIP readers

Today I want to take you to something that is rather unique. A gentleman in the United States has been doing this  interesting project. Artists from anywhere in the world travel the globe by way of Google's Street View and submit paintings and drawings of subject matter that they find on their virtual journey.

Well apparently August of 2010  the project site featured Prince Edward Island as the featured location for works to be submitted. The result being that many artists from all over the world  virtually visited my hidden island paradise and completed works of art based simply on a particular Street View image.

Click here to visit his blog and view a number of these paintings and drawings.


Click here to view the CBC Connects page mentioned in the video.

I hope that you enjoy  viewing these beautiful paintings and drawings and you too can come visit my hidden island paradise by way of Google's Street View and maybe even create your own PEI painting.

I will post again soon


Jane said...

That's great Gary, thanks for sharing the video - what a unique idea!

garydotgray said...

YW Jane! Thanks for your comment. : )
I agree, a wonderful way to increase awareness of P.E.I. around the world.

Carolee Clark said...
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Carolee Clark said...

Very cool to see my painting up on your blog Gary! I'm honored you chose mine out of the many :) As a Canadian (living in the States) it's fun to noticed by you friendly Maritimers!

garydotgray said...

Thanks for your comment Carolee. Your painting is beautiful and I love your style. Thanks for allowing me to share it on my blog. I hope you will read other posts and even follow if you like. : )

Marguerite said...

Hi Gary, I'm new to your blog (followed Jane and Kim over) and just wanted to say this is a wonderful endeavor. I watched the video and it's such a shame that this project isn't getting the recognition it deserves. There are so many talented people out there and the paintings are really remarkable.

garydotgray said...

Hi Marguerite,

Thanks for your comment. I agree! Please feel free to share this blog post with your friends and followers. Also, thanks for following. I took a quick peek at your blog and signed up to follow as well. I need to go back and spend some time there reading and sharing your posts. :) Gary

Marguerite said...

Gary, I just wrote a post linking back to yours. This is just too good to not be shared. Thank you. Marguerite

Gary Gray said...

Hi Marquerite,

I agree,thanks! I really appreciate your promoting my blog on yours. I also have added a link to your "Canoe Corners" blog here on the Right sidebar. :)


.............................. said...

Hi Gary, What a fun project for anyone artistic. I look forward to checking out some of the paintings of P.E.I. inspired by Google Street view. The island is certainly one of the world's most beautiful places.

garydotgray said...

Hi Jenn, - Thanks for your comment, Loved your blog and added it to my Google Reader.
I hope that you too can come to P.E.I. (my Hidden Island Paradise) one day for a visit (or to live) In the meantime, if you are artistic, why not try a Street view inspired painting or drawing. Smiles :) Gary

Marguerite said...

Thanks for adding my blog Gary. Looking forward to your next post.

garydotgray said...

Hi Marguerite, Thanks for your comment. I do post almost every day but because I maintain a variety of blogs and fan pages the posts here on Hidden Island Paradise are not as frequent as I might like. :(
However, I will post again! :)- Gary

p.s. I try to find interesting content directly related to the Island like your "Canoe Corner" blog

Kimberly said...

I always admire people who travel just because they want to know the world to create and develop art. It is just a wonderful reason to do so. Last year I travelled to Argentina, and got to talk to this guy who was a tourist. He had rented one of those furnished apartments in buenos aires in a high floor so that he could see the city from different angles and that way paint it. Isn´t that wonderful?
Congratulations, the idea you present is super cool!

city said...

thanks for share.