Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Virtual PEI "Street Art" Treasure Hunt..Oh My!

Confederation Centre Of The Arts

Hi to all of my HIP "Street Art" loving readers,

Today I want to introduce you to an interesting part of my "Hidden Island Paradise"

As we concluded in one of my previous posts , PEI is a virtual haven for artists and if you look you can find art work in all kinds of places. From architectural design to pieces incorporated into our buildings themselves. An excellent example is the Garden Of The Gulf Museum in Montague.

I have linked into my post a Google Street View of a very popular and photographed street art piece located on Lower Queen St in Charlottetown. The Sir John A MacDonald Bench

Now there are many more all over the Island from mice to giant potatoes and everything in between. Can you find them . You can use the Internet including Street View to locate as many pieces of street art as you can.

Then post a link in the comments to a Street View or a website and tell us something interesting about each one that you find. Just like what I have done in my post.

You can also post links to either your own pictures and videos and/or ones that are available under Creative Commons Licence.

I have given you two examples. 1. "The Garden Of The Gulf Museum" and 2. "Sir John A MacDonald on the bench"

I wish you a fun time exploring my "Hidden Island Paradise" for treasures of street art and look forward to the gems that you find and share with us all. Thanks! : )

Something interesting about the Garden Of The Gulf Museum:


The following Romanesque Revival influenced character-defining elements illustrate the heritage value of the Garden of the Gulf Museum:

- the stone foundation quarried locally from the Montague River bank
- the solid brick construction of two-and-one-half storeys
- the steeply pitched gable slate roof with corbelled brick cornice under the eaves
- the fenestration of the windows and doors
- the deeply recessed round arch windows of the first floor and the tall rectangular windows of the second floor
- the dominant round arches of the first floor
- the cut stone window caps and sills
- the triangular dormers with decorative wood detailing
- the style and position of the remaining chimney
- the location of the flag staff attached to the large dormer on the south side
- the Rococo style carvings over the main door featuring Queen Victoria (west) and PEI's oak trees emblem (south)
- the dominant location of the building on an elevation of land overlooking the harbour"

Something interesting about the bench:

"The Confederation Centre of the Arts serves as the axis of the arts scene in Charlottetown. Enjoy the art gallery shopping and dining in addition to the evening performances at the venue. Be sure to also seek out the city’s smaller galleries. A walk along Richmond Street will yield many artistic finds. Charlottetown also features some excellent outdoor art and sculptures including a sculpture of Canada's first prime minister Sir John A. MacDonald reclining on a bench."

You don't have to come to my hidden island paradise to start exploring. Just hop on the Internet and go exploring. 


p.s. For those who like gardening as a form of art. (which it is) here is a 33 minute wonderful video on the subject from CBC's Doc Zone:        
Gardening Confidential

I will post again soon.


Jane said...

Hee hee - in my little profile pic
I am sitting on that very bench!!

garydotgray said...

Hi Jane,

Thanks for your comment. Great to know that you too are a street art lover. Like your profile pic. Would you post it (or a link)here by way of a comment and tell us a bit about the picture? Thanks! - :) Gary

p.s. do you have pictures of other PEI Street Art?

garydotgray said...

Here is a link to an article about this post in P.E.I.'s Eastern Graphic weekly newspaper this week (Mar 30, 2011) by writer Jonathan Charlton.

garydotgray said...

Sorry, the link did not work but you can find the article if you Google "Eastern Graphic street art"

Miss Sunshine said...

Hi Gary, I wanted to mention Knox's Dam Bed and Breakfast on the South Montague Road--it's not art as in "paint and canvas," but the beautiful flower garden blooming there every year qualifies as art in my books!

Gary Gray said...

Hi Miss Sunshine,

Thanks for your comment and for following my "Hidden Island Paradise" blog.

Yes, Knox's Dam and Richard's B&B is street art and eye candy all rolled up into one package. A favorite place to relax and take some great pictures.

I have known Richard for a number of years and we served together on the museum board of the Garden Of The Gulf Museum.

I added your blog to my favorites on the Right. Thanks! - Gary

garydotgray said...

The mice of Charlottetown: