Thursday, March 17, 2011

EXTRA! And The Report On Culture Says...

 Hidden Island Paradise

Hi to all of my Island Culture HIP readers,

This morning I along with Tom Rath attended on behalf of the Southern Kings Arts Council an information presentation by Culture PEI. There appears to be a fresh face coming to the culture sector of my "Hidden Island Paradise". One that is recognizing just how important the potential of the culture sector is to the economic well being of our Island.

Apparently they are getting ready to launch a new website to replace the PEICulture website as well as a "Facebook" Fan page. They already have an account on "Twitter". and maybe? they will be on"You tube" and "Linkedin". There are project partnerships being developed or strengthened with a new focus on "Culture Tourism" as a major economic generator.

So what is the driving  force behind this fresh focus. It appears to be a recent report done by Hill Strategies Research Inc. and released November 17, 2010.

Please feel free to read the report and if you wish, leave a comment on what you think about providing more support for artisans, entertainers, story tellers and (yes) even online blogers. Is this a good thing?

It is simply amazing to see the numbers that are presented in the Hill reports not only for our island but for the entire country. Of course, when you consider the demographic of the Boomers it should really not be a  big surprise.As we roll into our sixties our working days are turning into days of exploration.

I encourage all of my culture related readers to check out the new home for "CulturePEI" (when it is launched) Get ready to ride this wave of  "Culture Tourism" into the future of our Hidden Island Paradise.

Thanks for reading and I hope you will share your thoughts (pro or con) about the new focus by leaving a comment. Thanks!

I will post again soon.


Jane said...

How wonderful! Bloggers too? Verrry interesting indeed. Will check that report out right away:)
thanks Gary for including a link!

garydotgray said...

Thanks for your comment Jane. Yes bloggers and other electronic content developers like video game designers. There is a digital component to this thrust in culture tourism. There should be more information once the new website is launched. - Gary