Friday, April 29, 2011

William and Catherine

William and Catherine 
 The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

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Welcome to all of our HIP readers,

Wow, the royal wedding is in the history books and now we look forward to the arrival of The Royal Couple "The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge" to my "Hidden Island Paradise"

When it comes to royal choices, why not choose my "Hidden Island Paradise". Well one cool local business thinks it's worth it's weight in ice cream. "Cow's Ice Cream" ( makers of those just have to have PEI Cow's Tees)  has released their newest addition to the line. As of today April 29, 2011 the Royal Tee is now available.

Have a look: "The Royal Tee" 

Prince Edward Island will host Prince William  and Princess Catherine for a short Royal Visit this summer.

It might have been that guy Regis and his girl buddy last year but thats old hat. This year, we will host royalty. Not just any old royalty but the creme du la creme royalty complete with a "Royal Tee" 

Be sure to reserve your seats now to get the best view of this long to be remembered royal event.

Since we are sure that you were up early this morning (April 29th) and all of the details of the Royal Wedding are fresh in your mind. Here is a couple of interesting suplimental videos for you to enjoy. 

First, you may enjoy this interesting video about another Canadian connection and a souvenir that you might like to add to your "Royal Collection".

We of course thought you might also like to watch the couples first official interview

To have "The Royal Visit" will be THE event of 2011 for our "Hidden Island Paradise".

We do hope that you  find a great spot and enjoy the visit to it's fullest...

We will post again soon,


Jane said...

Oooooh we are going to be in PEI this summer, when are Will and Kate visiting?

garydotgray said...

Hi Jane, Thanks for your comment. Will and Kate are scheduled to be on P.E.I. on July 3rd and 4th.

Marguerite said...

Didn't realize they had confirmed the dates they were visiting already. Wonder what they plan to see while they're here?

Gardeningbren said...

well thanks for those dates...had not heard anything about this so am very pleased...!

garydotgray said...

Hi Margurite,

I don't believe the official agenda has been released yet. I am sure that everyone would like them to visit their part of the Island. It will be interesting to see just where they will spend their time here.

@Gardeningbren Welcome to my blog. I will do my best to give updates on the agenda when it becomes available.


cindy said...

If you do ever hear of the official agenda please let us in on it. I came across the "Hidden Island Paradise" and plan to follow, and be back often. I have caught up to many of your reads lately and it sure would be nice to have a story teller out to the tea room some day.

Gary Gray said...

Welcome Cindy, I just posted a NEW link on this post. The link should take the reader to the official government website where the very latest information will be posted up to and including during the tour. Please check it out.. "A story teller at the tea room" What an awesome concept.

Smiles - Gary