Monday, November 22, 2010

Through The Eyes Of A Mainlander...

Welcome to all of our HIP readers

It appears that there are lots of people finding out about my Hidden Island Paradise. In fact a new blog "PE Islander By Choice" has been created centered around the terms CFA (come from away) and IBC (islander by choice).
I mentioned my post here about my cousin Daphne's reference IBB (islander by blood) and the term was quickly added.

Now I want to relate another interesting piece of trivia that I happened upon over this past weekend. First our island is 120 miles long (you can convert to metric if you wish) and it has a population of approximately 140,000 people. now over the weekend four or five different groups traveled over to the mainland to participate in a weekend project. Then on Saturday afternoon as arrangements were being made for overnight accommodation one of the mainlanders mentioned people from two separate groups as if they were traveling together. I made a comment to highlight the fact that there were five separate groups that had come over from the island. To this the mainlander quickly responded. "Well, you are all from the island so you are all together". Apparently, even in the eyes of a mainlander islanders are looked upon as islanders, being in fact one distinct group of people. LOL

I had never actually looked at us as islanders through the eyes of a mainlander before. I was not offended but rather a little surprised to hear it actually verbalized in the manner that it was. Interesting!

So is it any wonder that Carol O'Hanley in her blog has posted a post to begin the conversation about developing a support group for people who move to our island to live. What do you think about a support group? Leave a comment here if you wish. Or, visit either of the other two blogs and leave a comment there.

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Jane said...

As a future islander I'm all for that idea! Will go visit her blog now!