Saturday, December 11, 2010

People Dream Of Living On PEI

Welcome to all of my HIP readers,

All of a sudden the topic of moving to P.E.I. is HOT! Imagine, wanting to come and live right here on my very hidden island paradise. As you have come to know I was born here and I grew up here with all of the memories that go with it. I have worked here, raised a family here and now I am retired here.

I guess I have to feel fortunate to have come to spend my entire life as a part of my hidden island paradise. Big smile ;D

Now let's get back to why "come from away's", "islanders by blood" and "islanders by choice" are attracted here. Not to mention others that may have never been here or may have come once on a vacation.

Lets look at two or three blogs that post about this subject. (besides this one of course)

First: "PEIslander By Choice" This blog is an on going discussion about this subject.
Second: "Whimfield" This blog is maintained by my friend Laura Jane and also talks about what draws people to the Island. It als is a heart warming endearing diary of two young people who have actually moved from the other side of Canada and began to build a life here on my hidden island paradise.

Third: "Top Of The Meadow" This blog is maintained by another friend Kim who writes alsoabout the adventures of two young people who have traveled all the way across Canada to fpllow their dream and set up a small farm on P.E.I.

I am sure there are many more such stories and blogs residing on the world wide web so I invite you the reader to leave your comments below and include a link to any stories and or blogs that talk about yearning to or actually moving to my hidden island paradise.

Thanks for reading and if you're dreaming then I hope you will be coming. In my humble opinion Prince Edward Island is a hidden island paradise. It's my hidden island paradise, why not make it yours?



Kim said...

Hey Gary!
Thanks for the mention!

Johanna said...

Just wanted to say hi!!
I'm one of those dreamers you mentioned. Wanting to move to your Island paradise. The logistics are going to take longer than I want but in time I will be there.
I love reading anything that has to do with Prince Edward Island but most especially about people who have made the move.
Thank you for writing about your beautiful home and I hope some day to share it with you.

Jane said...

Hi Gary: starting July/2010 I have a series of posts about my journey to PEI and the purchase of our new home near Alberton. I am on a 4 year plan to retire, sell my home in London, ON and move permanently to PEI. I've provided one of many possible links above. Feel free to browse and link to any of my posts.


garydotgray said...

Hi Kim, Johanna and Jane

Thanks for your comments!

Kim, You are most welcome. I think it is great when we can help each other build our reader base.

Johanna, Hi back to you!! I took a quick look at your blog and I want to go back to read it more fully. I will follow your blog and I would love it if you would follow mine. Thanks! I love that you have a plan...

Jane, Thanks for the links. I will do some exploring and I will defiantly share link backs with you any opportunity that I get. Thanks!!! Smiles :o) Gary