Friday, November 12, 2010

Heather Wilson - International Speaker And Author

Welcome to our HIP readers,

Today, I want to introduce you to an Island, on line, international author and speaker , Heather Wilson. Heather is passionate about the freedom to live your life according to you!

Heather uses the world wide web as a platform for her business and has created the website "Heather Wilson International". Please take a few moments of your time to pop by her site and meet Heather. Also check out her book "Your Life According To You!" This is a great book. Heather tells the story of how she took ownership of her life and began living the life of her dreams. I just finished reading it for the first time. I plan to reread, review and do the exercises contained in Heather's book to fine tune my own life.

Heather is mentoring people to take ownership of their own lives and live the lives that they want to live.

Heather is also available as an event speaker as well as organizer. I highly recommend that you check out Heather's website to see just how she can help you.

I encourage you to go visit Heather's' website. You can follow her on Twitter. You can even friend her on Facebook and connect with her on Linkedin.

Heather is an Islander with a real passion for the Island. She loves connecting with people and using the Internet to make those connections.

Smiles :o)



Jane said...

Thanks Gary - I'm going to check out Heather's site right now!

garydotgray said...

Great June, Her book is awesome! A treasure for anyone stuck in the mire of life and watching their dreams take wings without them.