Saturday, January 17, 2009

Islanders by Choice

Welcome everyone

Have you ever considered living on a Hidden Island Paradise? Well my friends Ian and Julie (photo credit) did. My friend Julie tells the story of how they came to be "islanders by choice".

"In December, 2007 we visited friends in PEI. We fell in love with the province, yes even in the winter, came home finished our house renos, sold the house, bought a house on the island and moved here in May of 2008. So now we are islanders by choice.

Ian is starting a roofing business, when he is not sailing that is, and me well I am taking a much needed break. I just wish we had bought a place with smaller gardens so that my break was more relaxing and less gardening."

Click here to visit Ian and Julie's website and in turn view my Hidden Island Paradise through their eyes.

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