Saturday, February 28, 2009

Tea Time in Paradise


Today I had a special treat. I was out with Franca, Tony and Red when we decided to visit the Farmers Market in Charlottetown. When we got there, there was only about three quarters of an hour til it closed. Not to worry, there was plenty of everything and lots of people too.

This was my very first visit to the market and my what a treat. Everywhere I looked I saw people that I knew. (or knew me) I spent the first bit of time just walking around and getting the lay of the land so to speak. The atmosphere was friendly and the aromas mixed and pulled you along as if on a gentle leash.

I bought hot Italian sausages at Taylor's Meats and Cranberry Almond Biscotti at Lady Bakers Tea Trolley.

I happened to inquire at the Tea Bar as the sign called it if they sold online. She told me that she had just set up a web page but did not have very much traffic as of yet. She asked me to check out her web page and let her know what I thought. I said that I would, gave her a card and was off to the car.

I found the web page and also a Facebook Fan Page which I thought was pretty cool. I think she is on the right track and I plan to be a regular visitor. I have some thoughts for improvements which I will pass on to her if she is interested.

In the meantime I wanted to share with you my readers some information on her business. Now if you are a tea drinker (and many of us are) be sure to check out Lady Baker's Tea Trolley right here in our Hidden Island Paradise. (oh and let them know what you think)


Company Overview:
After catering tea parties in Charlotte, North Carolina, Lady Baker turned over a new leaf and relocated to Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, one of Canada's most beautiful provinces.
She set up a tea bar at the local Farmers Market and continues to cater her delectable and charming tea parties at Beaconsfield Heritage House on Charlottetown's Harbourfront and at historic Avonlea Village in the summer season.
Her loose tea products have a reputation of being excellent quality and with the use of the Affinitea brewing machine at the Market she can make the best cup of tea ever and serve you a latte to die for!
And that's not all. Her baked-from-scratch cookies, scones and lemon curd have become so popular she decided to hire extra help. (read less)
To be full to overflowing with hospitali-tea so friends go away smiling and return soon.
Favourite quote: While there is tea there is hope.
Arthur Pinero (British Playwright)
Loose leaf black, oolong, green and white teas; a variety of herbal tisanes; tea accessories; home baking and the traditional tea party experience

Ciick Here to go to the Trolley Facebook Fan Page.

Til next post have a cupa tea and relax mmmm...good

Smiles :o)


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