Friday, January 16, 2009

Unique Experiences on Hidden Island Paradise...

Hello everyone

If you are "from away" as we Islanders say and you are planning to pay us a visit then why visit the same places that everyone will be visiting when you can have a unique experience with these Island folks. Making Shine, is just one of these unique experiences.

Experience PEI has the means to give you a truly unique Island experience. Just read a bit of what they say on their site.

"Prince Edward Island is a wonderful place to spend your vacation and even if all you do is what everyone else does, you'll have a good time.

But at Experience PEI we believe you're looking for more. That's why we have designed our exclusive experiential adventures to take you off the typical tourist routes to meet fascinating Islanders, share their lives and participate in hands on learning activities.

We will show you the real character of the Island... the unique and the unusual as opposed to the common and obvious.

We have grouped our experiences into themes. Check out each of the themes below to find the experiences that most suit your sense of adventure. If you don't see what you're looking for, tell us what you'd like to do and we'll work to create a custom experience just for you.

If you haven't yet decided where you're staying during your visit to Prince Edward Island, the accommodation operators listed on our Links page share our belief in making your vacation memorable."

So do plan to come to our island but make sure that you have at least one unique experience while you are here. Click Experience PEI and book it now!

We love our hidden Island Paradise and we know that you will too.

If this is your kind of experience then sign on to my "net friends" by filling out the form on the Right and click the submit buton to receive more as they become available.

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Experience PEI said...

Hi Gary,

Your blog posting on our company, Experience PEI just arrived in my inbox. I was certainly surprised and pleased to have you recommend our efforts so highly. Our Island truly is a hidden paradise but thanks to efforts like yours, hopefully more people will come to know what we have discovered.

Bill Kendrick
Experience PEI

garydotgray said...

Hi Bill

You are very welcome. It was a pleasure to write a post on your business.

I have lived in PEI most all of my life and although born in the West I now reside in the East. The entire island is a treasure to me and the uniqueness of our people and what they do is a huge part of that treasure.

Wishing you every success.

Smiles :o)