Wednesday, October 06, 2010

A Little Bit About Me

photo credit: Joan Sinclair of PEI Heart & Stroke Foundation

Welcome to all of my HIP readers

Today is just a very quick post about me.... Some times we get carried away and never talk about ourselves. ha ha

Well, just in case you are interested in who I am and what drives my passion besides my hidden island paradise I have a couple of links for you.

I post on a few blogs but the one that draws me is titled "Prince Edward Island Stroke Recovery" On that blog there is a post called "Life After Stroke" about an article that Eastern Graphic writer Johnathan Charlton wrote after interviewing me very recently.

You can connect with me on my Facebook page or my Facebook Fan Page or follow me on Twitter

There is always My Homepage but it is in dire need of getting some updates. I think all of the links there are good.

Thanks for visiting and I look forward to seeing you on the net.

Post again soon



Jane said...

Hi Gary: glad to get to know you a little better! And love the info about the "tweethearts". Such a great idea.

Gary Gray said...

Thanks June!