Monday, August 03, 2009

Prince Edward Island Tales featured in The Buzz...

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The new issue of The Buzz is on news stands across Prince Edward Island. Much to our delight our book "Prince Edward Island Tales " is featured in the current issue.

Here is a brief exert from the article:

Prince Edward Island Tales
Montague Library Writers Guild

Prince Edward Island Tales - Montague Library Writers Guild "Prince Edward Island Tales - Montague Library Writers Guild

Nine writers, nine lives and fifty ways to view the Island and its inhabitants: this is what Prince Edward Island Tales, by the Montague Library Writers Guild, offers its readers. The newly released collection is filled with stories, poems and prose dwelling on various aspects of life on the Island—everything from moving a house down a road and across a bridge to an early morning ferry crossing, to the study, hunt and killing of cluster flies.

In September 2008 librarian Swarna Chandresekera’s suggestion to form a writers guild at the Montague Library was taken up with a lot of enthusiasm by a small group of dedicated writers. The main purpose of the group was to motivate and inspire its member to produce the best works they were capable of. To further stimulate the creative process they decided it would be a good idea to work towards publishing an anthology. The result is Prince Edward Island Tales."

Of course to read the entire article you just need to click here

We are very pleased that the good people at The Buzz saw fit to feature our book.

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In the meantime here is a little You Tube video clip from the movie Aladdin that I really like and I would love to share with you. (it reminds me of when my girls were small and this was one of their favorite videos in their collection)

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p.s. Our book is also available online at for those of you who might like to get your own personal copy this way.

If you love Prince Edward Island then you will love this book.


Laura-Jane said...

Wooooo, cool! Thanks for posting this, I didn't realize the book made the Buzz!

garydotgray said...

Hi L J

Yes, and it is a great article on new PEI books.

We are now starting to show up on Japanese web sites which I find very interesting.

Smiles :o)


Laura-Jane said...

That's interesting! What Japanese websites, I wonder?