Thursday, August 06, 2009

Guardian Newspaper Book Article

photo credit - MARIE

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Just a quick update on a bit more media coverage on our book "Prince Edward Island Tales"

Sally Cole a writer for our local daily paper has written an article about our book.

Here is just a little intro to Sally's words:

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Strength in numbers print this article
Members of the Montague Library Writers Guild write Island-inspired book
The Guardian

"For the past year, an enthusiastic group has been meeting regularly at the Montague Public Library.
The members have two things in common.
They are passionate about living on P.E.I. And they’re excited about writing.
They have combined these passions in a new book, Prince Edward Island Tales.
Seeing the final product gives group member Wendy Jones a sense of satisfaction.
“I’ve been published in newspapers and magazines before, but it’s nothing like seeing your words in a book. I feel like a real author,” says Jones, a member of the Montague Library Writers Guild who, with Joanne Collicott McGuigan, Gary Gray, Laura-Jane Koers, Hugh MacDonald, Marie MacIntyre, Tom Rath, Leslie Stewart and Tom Schultz, is happy with the final product. “The book looks great,” she says."

To read the entire article simply click here

Thanks for reading my post and the article. Joining this group was a two fold purpose for me. As I continue to recover as much of my abilities as I can after suffering a stroke in 2002 I thought that being part of the group would be good to challenge my brain through mental exercise. Second when I was challenged to write something for the group I remembered many experiences of my youth and wondered if others would relate to those experiences.

I have found that my self confidence has been built up within me and my brain has responded to the challenge in a positive way.

I would recommend this sort of experience/ therapy to any stroke survivor who is needing to challenge the creative abilities of the brain as well as a focus on general all around rehabilitation.

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Laura-Jane said...

Thanks for posting this as well, Gary! Now I know where to come when I want to find out these sorts of things. I woke up this morning, wondered whether the book was in the paper, and I came straight here. You're on the pulse! Great post.

garydotgray said...

Hi L J

The article came out nicely. I didn't have access to the Guardian picture when I posted this post. (Hence I used a picture from the Mall that Marie had taken)

I will scan the picture from the Guardian and keep it in my swipe file for the book. I could use it on this post as well.

Smiles :o)