Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Rodd Brudenell River Resort Set to reopen...

Hi Everyone

If you are considering organizing your conference between now and October 2008 this is the place!

Located right here on my Hidden Island Paradise right next door to me I can tell you first hand that your conference will be the success that you desire it to be if you hold it here.

Just read the quick intro below and click through to the site to get the full experience.

Smiles :o)


You Belong. At Rodd Brudenell

With its four star facilities, tranquil setting within Brudenell River Provincial Park, and wide variety of activities offered on-site, Rodd Brudenell River -- A Rodd Signature Resort offers an unparalleled resort destination in Eastern Prince Edward Island -- only 30 minutes from Charlottetown.

Click Here to Enter the Rodd Brudenell River Resort website.


CanComp said...

This is NOT the place you want a conference to be held. The small cabins and lower level rooms, according to staff, are all infested with mold. We stayed in a lower level room one night and it ended up costing me big with getting asthma, losing a week of work, and medical costs.

garydotgray said...

Hi CanComp

Wow I hadn't heard any complaints like that till now. Thank you for posting your comment and giving us all a heads up.

Did you stay there in 2008? I hope you are better now after an experience like that.

Maybe other readers could share experiences of holding conferences at Brudenell (good or bad)

My experience has always been very positive but I don't want to recommend a place that is not top of the class.

Smiles :o)