Saturday, May 03, 2008

Experience The PEI Lobster Supper!

Another Prince Edward Island tradition, The Lobster Supper...I have to tell you. Tonight a group of about twelve of us got together for this fabulous experience.

Fresh PEI Lobster in the shell, Fresh PEI potato salad, fresh home made rolls with real butter and a variety of finger deserts. If you don't think that it is a special experience just read what Marialisa Calta of the Globe and Mail has to say. (Perhaps you might consider a visit to our Hidden Island Paradise just for The Lobster Supper experience)

SOURIS, PEI -- Sure, we've got spectacular scenery and untamed wilderness,
but with the country's burgeoning wine regions and

regional cuisines drawing international accolades,

Canada has a lot to offer the travelling gourmand

Every year, when my husband, two daughters and I make our annual trek to Prince Edward Island, I take the "seafood pledge" -- that no meat shall pass my lips for the duration of my stay in this seafood paradise. It's a pledge I keep happily and, with the exception of an occasional turkey sandwich or a burger, almost successfully. PEI is awash in mussels, oysters, clams, lobster and fish, including Atlantic salmon, char, haddock and cod.

Because we were once campers and now own a cabin on the island, we've done most of the cooking of grilled, fresh fish ourselves.

The island offers the ubiquitous battered-and-fried fish joints and a number of fine dining establishments, but for budget-minded travellers like us with kids in tow, the perfect compromise -- offering fresh seafood, family-friendly atmosphere and excellent prices -- is the PEI lobster supper.

Click here to read the remainder of her article and some links to follow.

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Fenrisar said...

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Low Country Joe said...

Gary.....Your welcomed blog popped up on my PEI Google Alerts and it could not of made me happier. Ya Bride, Mary and I purchased a cottage at French Fort on the Hillsborough River three years ago...It was love at first sight just like when I met her 36 years ago this month. But it didn't end their. Last year we met Peter Llewellyn and his lovely wife Gayle in Georgetown. We fell in love again with their gratious hospitality and purchased two scenic fish shacks on the dock. We were also enthralled with Montague and find our way there many times on our Summer visits.

Have a great PEI day and maybe we can get together for a cup of tea on our July visit.
Joe Yocius
Daufuskie Island, South Carolina