Friday, December 08, 2006

Grab your peice of Paradise.... TODAY!!!

Whether you are looking for an affordable PEI village home for summer or year round living or for a secluded oceanfront paradise, we can find it for you. Our waterfront properties are as diverse as the coastline they border on.

The Prince Edward Island Department of Tourism has many different approaches to promoting "the Island" to the rest of the world: "cross over to another world" and "the gentle island" to name just two. They aren't just promoting a tourist destination but the people who live here and their way of life.

Brad Oliver Realty also promotes this attitude. Often our clients become our friends and our neighbours. Our goal is not to "sell you real estate" but to find a home for you and your family. A small piece of Prince Edward Island that hopefully you will grow to love and come home to when the rest of the world is moving just that little bit too fast. Life on PEI does move at a slower and more relaxed pace than most other places. Give us a serious look. We may have something for you. Please browse our many listings and we look forward to hearing from you.

Brad Oiver is a good man to talk to.

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